Located near the moat. In the west of Chamchee Road in the city of Lamphun Lamphun day that it is. Important because only the only survived. Another important point is that this temple was a royal monastery. Of Phra Nang Cham Genesis King of the Kingdom What is interesting is the Buddha or black stone Buddha. The queen of the goddess invokes. From the city of Lau. The people of the city call this Buddha statue that survived the Royal or Survive Lamphun. This is important and a printed version. Simulation The famous survivor of the Great Survival was excavated at Maha Monastery only one piece of terracotta is very soft and very soft. Opposite to the Marian parade floor is the wall of the leaves on both sides. The art of Dvaravati - Srivijaya is a specific style of the genus. During the Hariphunchai period.